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Welcome to Upcoming Industrial Exhibitions (2018-19)
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Nashik Expo 2019
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With the implementation of GST new opportunities for business in every field.
1. No Boundaries. You can sale your products any where in India at the same price.
2. Competition will go up. Customers will have the choice to purchase from any seller from any state at most competitive price.
3. There will be reduction in selling chain systems to reduce the cost.
4. Lesser Distributors & less resellers.
5. Companies will do direct marketing to customers at better price.
6. Inventory will come down for major products. Thus reducing the cost further.
7. Companies will look for buyers directly.
8. Now No Check Post. No complicated documents. No Form-40/50 etc required.
9. Faster and Hassle free movement of goods in the country.
10. Now manufacturers and importers will be able to sale their products at the same price through the country.

A number of new ways will be discovered now. So take the opportunity to expand your business in new environment now.

Industrial Exhibitions and Trade Fairs will provide a great opportunity in the new regime of GST. Place of physical meeting and display of products.

Indore Infoline is offering you opportunity to promote your products in upcoming industrial exhibitions on pan India

Indore, Raipur, Nagpur, Jamshedpur, Hyderabad, Nashik, Aurangabad, Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangaluru and New Delhi.

Promote your products on Pan India Basis with us.

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